Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Master Bedroom After

I haven't totally finished the room but I've done the majority of stuff that I was wanting to do. Go here to see the before of the room.

The biggest thing I didn't do was the headboard. I'm still going to do it but it will probably be a few months till I get to it. It's a big project and I've run out of steam. I'll try to get to it by fall because that wall is an outside wall and it gets cold in the winter. So, I'd like to have it done by then.

Here's a pic of the bed side of the room.
I got new lamps and added some new pillows and shams.

I still want new nightstands but what I want is costly and unless someone is giving me some money for them, it will be a while before they are replaced.
We also got rid of our alarm clocks, which I'm SO happy about! I've always hated them. Since David uses the alarm on his phone and I don't use one he agreed to get rid of them!

Not much changed here except the little picture frames and the jewelry box I really like how the jewelry box turned out. The blue is just a little bit unexpected but it still goes with the room.

I'd still like to replace the frame on the wall to a larger one but it's not bothering me that much so it stays for now.

I added additional vinyl lettering to the existing Love.
I made the 2 foreign words for Love and the little swooshes (not sure what to call them).
And I painted the dresser and finally gave it some knobs. I love how this turned out!
I also have plans to cover the TV wires but I just haven't got to it yet.

So that's my after, or rather mostly after! I'm pleased with the changes and now I'm looking forward to moving onto other projects.

I have a biggie planned for the living room!

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