Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our New Desk

Before getting into this I want to show you a pic of David's side of the office. I haven't liked his side of the office since we moved into this house 4 1/2 years ago. It's always been a modge-podge of furniture and too much stuff for too little storage. It always looked cluttered even when it was clean, so it drove me crazy!
This is the left side of his area

And the right side

Several months ago we had the dresser that I just painted for our bedroom in here, and that chest of drawers in the bedroom. It worked much better for both rooms this way, but the office still didn't work.

Well after helping out "the K's" with some rearranging and downsizing in their office, they were kind enough to give us their desk. A solid wood L desk.

this is the heavy side with some scratches that I worked on.

This thing is so solid that just one side of the L took both David and "Mr.K", neither of which are weak men and together they had a tough time moving it. And it didn't want to go through the door...

Anyway, this weekend we were able to get it moved into the office. And much to my husband's dismay, purge and organize the space. (He just doesn't find as much pleasure in it as I do!)

He spent a good part of Saturday going through stuff and setting up his new desk. He still has a few piles left to go through but the majority of it is done. We moved the dresser into the office closet (we are fortunate enough to have a large walk in closet in the office, and it fit).

 The pile of books on the right will be up on a shelf soon (that's another project I'll show soon). The piles on the desk are still to be sorted. And yes we have 2 monitors for our computer, doesn't everyone?!

We will probably rearrange some of the stuff on the walls but not yet. We have another Ansel Adams pic to re frame so that will require some moving. We found the one hanging and the one yet to be hung at Goodwill in UGLY frames for only a few dollars each. The one hanging I just bought a new frame for it and gave it to David as a birthday present. He LOVED it! He loves the mountains!

I know this isn't the best pic of the desk, but when I get the shelf done I'll show some better pics (and hopefully David will have gone through those piles!)

We are also looking for a better way to handle the mail. Since David does the bills, the mail ends up on his desk in piles. Most of it ends up being junk, since we pay everything online. So, I'm working on a solution to keep the crap off the desk. I'll share more of that with you later, when I have something up and going.

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