Monday, April 2, 2012

Organizing DVD's Part 2

Ok, so I'm finally getting around to sharing the second part of how we are now organizing our DVD's. Here's Part 1.

So, when I left off, I was able to get them all into one drawer in the dresser but they weren't organized past that. After brainstorming a lot of ideas, we decided to go with photo boxes. The DVD sleeves fit just right within photo boxes that I picked up from Hobby Lobby (on sale of course).

I picked up 6 boxes because that's all that I could get into the drawer. I removed the lids, and just popped the sleeves in the boxes according to category. Our categories are: Man/Action, Family/Kid, Learning (LeapFrog, Curious George), Inspirational, Romance/Comedy, Classics and Christmas (all our seasons or boxed sets stay in their original packaging).

I then needed to make some labeled dividers. I used some large scrap pieces of cardstock cut to size, making sure they stuck up high enough to see the label. Then I used my Dymo labeler to make the labels and then I used packing tape to "laminate" the paper. It's nothing fancy but it works.

I still can't  believe I can get ALL of our DVD's in this one drawer with room to spare! The back middle box is pretty much empty ( I still need a few more sleeves for those last 6 DVD's ).

I have to say after using these sleeves for about a month, that I totally LOVE them! They are easy to use and easy to flip through to search. And of course hardly take up any room! LOVE them!!! And check out how thin they are.

So, that's the official how we organize our DVD's. How do you organize your DVD's?

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  1. HI! Love this idea! I bought the sleeves and transferred our movies. I just bought photo storage boxes from Joann's and my sleeves don't fit! The bottom of the sleeve gets bent when I try and put them in. Was wondering if you could measure your box for me! Pretty please and thank you!!

    1. I got my boxes at Hobby Lobby. My boxes measure 7 1/2" x 10 3/4". The sleeves are snug in the boxes and some of them the sides kind of bow out a bit which gives a bit more room. I hope that helps!

    2. Thank you! I bought Pioneer brand boxes from Joann's and they didn't work, but the Recollections brand from Michael's did (for any So. Cal people reading this!).

      Thank you for blogging about this - it's been so helpful!


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