Monday, April 23, 2012

My New Vacuum: Eureka!

A couple of weeks ago we realized that we needed a new vacuum. I would have to empty the canister after each room because the filters would get so clogged. It sounds like we didn't vacuum much but it was a couple of times a week and it was clogged more than was necessary.

We would wash the filters out and it never felt like it was getting everything. And I was getting so frustrated with having to empty the canister so often. So we finally broke down and picked up a new one.

I'd love to say that I did research on vacuums and put a lot of thought into it but I didn't. We wanted to get one for about $100 so I headed to Lowe's first and found 2 in my price range to pick from. I can't remember the other one but this Eureka! looked very user friendly. So I got it and took it hone to test it out.

I immediately LOVED it! Not only did it feel like it was pulling up what my other one had been missing but it was fluffing the carpet. Our living room has fairly new carpet (4years) but in the bedrooms it's probably around 10yrs old.

When I vacuumed with the Eureka! in the bedrooms it was amazing! The carpet in the bedrooms had always been matted down with our other vacuum but the Eureka! fluffed it up so nice. Like dig our toes in nice. We were sold!

I in no way was paid or perked to write this post and I haven't tried a lot of other brands. But I wanted to share my experience with a vacuum that exceeded my expectations. This vacuum was $89.99 without tax at Lowe's.

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