Monday, April 9, 2012

Small Projects

I've been working on a bunch of small projects lately, so I thought I'd share them all together.

This basket used to be in our kitchen/dinning room on the bar. We put our fresh produce in it, until one day I noticed that it was contributing to our kitchen feeling cluttered and made it hard to see David while he cooked as I sat in the dinning room. So, I found another basket around the house that has a low profile and we really liked how it looked.

I had an idea to use it in the hall bathroom on the back of the toilet, but I wanted it to look a bit like aged metal instead of a color. So, I sprayed it with black first but I allowed a bit of the turquoise to peek through. Then I lightly sprayed it with silver to give kind of a galvanized metal look. It's not an exact match but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Right now it's holding extra toilet paper in the hall bathroom but once I redo the bathroom that may change. (I've already moved it to the master bathroom)

Faux Mercury Glass
Right before Christmas I saw on Pinterest how to spray paint glass to resemble mercury glass. So I sprayed some glass candle stick holders and while it's not exact, I do like how they turned out. I found another glass candle holder in my stash and decided to paint it too.

You could look around Pinterest or google it but basically you spray your clear glass item with water then while still wet you spray paint the object with Krylon's Looking Glass. I could only find mine at Wal-mart for about $8 and it's a small can.

I do love how they turned out.

So, those are my small projects lately.
Have you ever used the Looking Glass spray paint before and if so what did you paint?

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