Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Organizing DVD's Part 1

For those of you that don't know David (my husband) in person, he is a movie fan. He loves movies and before we had Trey we'd regularly go see them in the theaters. But he also loves to collect DVDs. Now for those that don't know me in real life, I hate collections. It goes against my organized, clutter free ideas. So as you can imagine this has been a source of some tension. And they are outgrowing their space.
One of the reasons I bought the dresser for the living room was to have concealed storage for all those DVDs. Trey was beginning to crawl and pull movies down off the shelves that they were housed on. So having drawers that he couldn't open, and would hide all those DVDs but keep them accessible was a perfect solution. That is until we started running out of room. Oh and we also have 2 small cabinets on either side of the fireplace and one was full of movies as well as the full dresser.

So, when I read a blog post a few months ago about how one woman organized her 200+ DVDs, I fell in love with it. I brought it up to David and he liked it. The system is basically thin plastic sleeves that hold 2 DVDs and the cover paper(s).

So, we spent a couple of hours pulling out every DVD and counting them. Since a lot of movies have an extra disc, I couldn't just count the cases. Oh, would you like to know how many we have? Well not counting boxed sets and TV show seasons which would stay as is, a whopping 460! That was about 100 more than I anticipated!

Here's a pic of most of the movies. Not shown are the Christmas, Workout, boxed sets, TV series seasons.

I ordered the sleeves through Amazon, I did hear that Target sells them but I didn't have any luck finding them there. The brand is Atlantic and they are called Movie Sleeves. Each box has 25 sleeves in them and each sleeve holds 2 DVDs so that's 50 DVDs for one box.

When I got them in I was so excited to get started so the next day I planned to get them all switched over that morning. By 5pm that night I still wasn't finished! I sat on the floor in the living room from 9-5 switching the DVDs. Trey and I watched movies all day to pass the time and we only do that when we're sick. And I had miscounted and still needed 2 more boxes.

Ok, so let me show you what 280 DVD cases looks like on our couch (some cases were the cardboard cases, some were 2 to a case that's why the number is different)

And here's a pic of all the little inserts in all those cases.

If you look at the pic above with all of the DVDs on the floor, the stack in the foreground is all of our Man/Action movies. And once they are converted to sleeves this is the stack.

And if that's not awe inspiring enough, check this out.

That's 21 cases, with 21 DVDs in sleeves with cover papers, taking up the space of 3 cases. Um, YES please! So far we are loving this!

So this is where I have to leave you with this wonderful makeover. I need to work on my sleeve storage next so I'll share that when I get it done. We will most likely being storing them in one of the drawers in the dresser with some additional organizing to make it user friendly.

Ok I need to know, how many DVDs do you have? Does anyone have more than us? How do you store your DVDs?

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  1. I found your post through Pinterest. I got married and moved in with my husband last year and I am FINALLY unpacking my box of movies, because I was able to make space in his entertainment center. Most of my movies were in a CD holder and he doesn't like that idea, and I wanted to find a way to keep the DVD insert. This would be perfect for us! So thanks for the post :)


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