Monday, January 3, 2011

Wall Frames for Trey's Room

In my son Trey's room there is one wall that is blank and for months now I've been working on what I want there. I had taken something down and it was just a big blank slate.
I wanted to get several frames and make a sort of collage look. I wanted black frames and white mats when neccessary. Oh and I wanted to do it on the cheap. So I started looking at Goodwill (such cool stuff there!) and if I liked the frame and it could be painted I'd pick it up. So, I finally had 4 and finally got some black paint last week. Here's the before on the frames.

I think all but the big one was about $2, the big one was $3 or $4. I decided that the big one I just couldn't paint, I liked the wood on it too much so I just cleaned it up with some Old English. And by the way, if you haven't ever used this stuff you have to have some on hand! It's totally awesome! We first found out about it when we sold our first house. Our realtor told us to get some to use on our solid wood door. It worked on the scratches really well. So, I use it on my wood furniture every few months or so and it sort of freshens it up. Ok here's a pic of what you have to get.
So after using some of the Old English on the frame it looked great! So that one was done. Then I decided that the black with fake wood look I'd keep as is for the time being. It was in good shape so I left it alone. But the other two got a couple of fresh coats of black paint. Then of course I cleaned the glass and took out all the nasty "pictures" to put in my pretty black and white pics. We had family pics taken in October and I had some extra ones printed in black and white just for this. I wanted a really clean look so that's why I didn't do color. Here's what they look like on the wall.
I only have 4 right now but I tried to hang them in a way that I could add more when I find them and have more pics. I also know that 4 is not as visually pleasing as an odd number, so I wll be looking soon for at least one more if not 3.

I had a little bit of a problem with the big frame because it's not a standard size frame or picture area, and I had a 5x7 pic I needed to fit in it. I went to Hobby Lobby to get a stock mat for it, but I had to do some serious cutting on it (my finger still hurts) to get it to close to the right size. As you can see, the white is a bit short on the sides and I had to put the original mat behind it to salvage it. I didn't really want to have to get one cut for me. It turned out pretty good.

I'm pretty pleased with how the whole thing turned out and I probably only spent $12 on the whole project not counting the pics. I like that it will be flexable as I like to change my decor often. I like that Trey has some pics in his room of us and it's grown up not baby.

If you'd like to see other cool projects or lovely things go check out this blog Life Made Lovely Monday.


  1. love these! (and i love natural birth :) happy to have found you!)

  2. Marixa, the frames turned out great! Nice finds!


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