Thursday, January 27, 2011


For the first 4 years of our marriage we worked in 2 churches. Those were huge learning experiences but also very emotional, hurting experiences. While we found one of our best friends at one church, our times at them are not fond memories. As the old saying goes “Christians are the only ones who eat/kill their own” Anyway, we finally made the change of career and church. We started attending a large church where we could just blend in for a while (the other churches were very small). We spent the next 7 years healing at this big church. It was a nice place but after a while we started feeling stale. It was comfortable there. Well, except for the 30min drive which started to wear on us and we started to dread going. That’s not what we wanted.

In the spring of 2010 we noticed that a “new” church was coming in just up the street from our house. Actually this church isn’t new but they have campus’s (locations) all over the state and even in other states. It’s called LifeChurch. We were very familiar with them as we had heard the pastor speak when we were dating. But we were very ready to start going there when they opened on Easter Sunday.

We love it there! Everyone is so friendly, the vibe is young and fresh, and the sermons/talks/series (whatever you want to call it) are relevant to our lives. It challenges us and makes us want to be better people. We feel the need to invest back into our community, which is where our heart is.

If you haven’t heard of LifeChurch or aren’t familiar with them, here’s the skinny. The senior pastor does the speaking for each experience (service). Each location has around 4 experiences a weekend. Craig (senior pastor) speaks live at one of the campus’s and then it’s taped for the other campus’s to view at the appropriate time. Yes, you watch him on a screen. I’ve heard of many people getting very hung up on that part, but honestly you don’t really notice it. Especially coming from a church that was so big that they put the pastor on screens while he was on stage so everyone could see him. Not really that different. Anyway, there is also a campus pastor that works that particular location and someone you can get to know if you want. We work together with the other campus’s for goals but also do small things as just a campus. But, the thing that seems to be making the biggest impact is that you can watch any of the talks/series online anytime you want. People across the world, yes world, are watching these. It’s amazing.

Being there has changed our life for the better and I just wanted to share.

If you are interested in LifeChurch you can check them out here.

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