Friday, January 21, 2011

"New" Food Toys

I routinely go through Trey's toys and make sure that what we're keeping is stuff he's playing with. I also, move out toys that he doesn't play with anymore and throw out trash. I keep a tub with toys he's not playing with in a tub in his closet. Either the toys are too young for him or he's not ready for them yet. Well, yesterday was one of those times. I decided that some older toys needed to be put up and he had some Christmas presents that he hadn't yet played with. Christmas and birthday he gets so much at once, that I put some away for a few months till he's either ready for the toy or it's about time for something new.

As I was rotating some of the toys, I came across some kitchen toys with food. I'd put them up another time waiting till he was a bit older. So, I got them out for him (he was napping at the time). See, lately he's really been wanting to help David in the kitchen while he cooks. Trey wants to cook too. So we'd pulled together a few small items for him in the kitchen for him to "cook" with. He's loving it, and so does David.

When I showed him his "new" cooking toys, he was so excited! He had wanted to help David with dinner but once he saw these he promptly took them to his table in the living room and set them all out. He hadn't learned yet how to play with them, so I showed him how to "cook" and "eat" his food.

This morning as soon as he was done with his breakfast, he went to get his cooking stuff. I love that only a few bucks (most stuff was in Target's dollar section about a year ago) worth of cheap toys and that they aren't new, but they seem new to him, makes him so happy!

I love that he wants to cook. We want to teach our children that food can be fun and to try many different things, and that cooking can be fun (this mama is working on that part!). We've been trying out lots of new recipes lately and he likes all of them, even the spicy ones! I think our attitude toward food definitely is absorbed by our children. If he sees that we enjoy food, that spicy things can be for children too and have an appreciation for all kinds of veggies and such; I don't think he'll be as picky as most kids are.

I love watching him play with toys that really make him happy!

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  1. It does a daddy's heart good to know that his son wants to do things just like dad. Love it! And I love you!


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