Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marjoram, Frankincense & Oregano Oils

So I was able to pick up some Marjoram, Frankincense and Oregano oils recently and since I needed to do more research on them for myself, I thought I'd just go ahead and share that here. I wrote about all the other oils that we use and what to use them for in this post. As I pick up more oils or just research other oils I'll share that here. I really find this info interesting and very helpful and I hope you do too.

Marjoram- It's a pain reliever for cold, flu, muscle exertion, headaches, toothaches. It's an anti-septic, anti-viral for things like cold, influenza, mumps, measles and pox. It kills bacteria from food poisoning, colic, and urinary tract. It's a gas reliever and keeps gas from forming. It helps with circulation and helps with coughs. It helps remove toxins and excess water in the body and brings down a fever. It's a diuretic, helps with digestion and regulating menses. It's an expectorant, fungicidal, laxative and sedative. It's good for arthritis, muscle cramps, neuralgia, and high blood pressure.

Frankincense- This oil is also anti-septic and a disinfectant, which if burned is very useful in ridding the area of germs. It is a gas reliever and prevents gas from forming. Helps with indigestion and digestion. It makes scars fade, especially from boils, acne, pox, stretch marks and surgery. It's an expectorant, diuretic and sedative. It's good for uterine health and preventing uterine cancer. It also helps with body aches, pain from colds, headache and toothache. It's helpful with depression, asthma, arthritis, any type of inflammation, brain health, and warts.

Oregano- It's anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal (warts). It's anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion and an anti-oxidant. It's especially helpful with parasites. When ingested it helps with internal parasites (worms), when applied externally it repels mosquito's, fleas, bed bugs. It's also an allergy reliever, helps with the flu, pneumonia, eczema, athlete's foot. And because it's a warming oil, it's very helpful with pain relief.

I've already used the marjoram and frankincense for digestive issues and I think they helped. I'm anxious to use the oregano with some olive oil as a massage oil. And another benefit of these 3 is that they all smell good!

Here are the sites that I've found really helpful in researching oils.
Organic Facts -This site was helpful in looking up an oil and seeing what it's good for.
There's An Oil For That -This site was helpful in looking up an ailment and seeing what oils are needed and how to use them.
Finding My Niche -This site was helpful in telling how to use oils.

This is just part of the info I found in my research. If you are considering using these oils you should do your own research as well. I am not a professional just someone passing on some research I've found. Some people can be sensitive to some oils so be aware.

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