Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Planning a Homemade Christmas

Since getting my sewing machine last Christmas and spending the year sewing tons of stuff, reading lots of creative blogs, seeing tons of great tutorials and searching Pinterest I'm in the mood to create homemade gifts.

I want to share all of them with you but unfortunately or fortunately some of the people I'm making gifts for read this blog. So, I'll share what I can and show off the rest after Christmas.

I know I'm getting an early start but I'm a planner and I try to at least plan what I'm giving months in advance so I can be ready to buy/make when I can. And this year I need lots of time because I'm making quite a few items.

One that I can share is for Trey. I'm making him a quilt. The boy loves Dr. Seuss and when I found Dr. Seuss fabric I knew I had to get some to make him something. Last year he had some Cat in the Hat winter jammies that he still requests even though it was 110 degrees outside (wish I was exaggerating...) and he outgrew them.

I first thought about making him some new jammies with the fabric but he'd just out grow them again. I wanted him to have something with that fabric for a while. So a quilt it is!

I decided on a more relaxed design for his. I'm going to do 8 rows with 7 & 6 circles in each row. Meaning I'll be staggering the circles instead of all straight. At least that's my plan.

I bought 4 different Dr. Seuss fabrics and I then 3 fabrics from my stash that I wanted to use. So 7 different fabrics. I traced a plate onto a piece of cardboard to make my circle template and on all but 1 fabric I cut through 2 layers to speed up the cutting process. The green Dr. Seuss fabric I "fussy cut" to get the most out of it.

I have some yellow cotton as my background to the circles and a tealish flannel for the back. I'm not sure yet if I want to add something on the back with scraps of pattern fabric. And not exactly sure which fabric will be the binding. I'm playing this one by ear to see how I like it as I go. It's going to be bright and colorful and fun!

I'm going to be stitching each circle on the fabric at the same time I'm quilting. This will result in a rough edge circle which is something I want. I don't want this quilt to look perfect, it's for a little boy!

I'm very excited to get sewing on this quilt and of course the best part of giving it to him! He's already seen the fabrics and loves them, although he doesn't know what I'm doing or that it's for him. I'm going to have to save sewing time for nap time!

Are you making things for Christmas gifts? I'd love to hear!

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