Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make up Brush Roll up

I'd been wanting to make a make up brush holder for a while and after reading some other tutorials I decided I could have a go on my own.

I grabbed all my brushes and anything else I wanted to be in the roll up and layed them out to get a rough idea of my measurements. I found 2 fabrics in my stash that I liked together and cut 2 pieces of the outside fabric and 1 of the inside (the other outside piece of fabric is the pocket). I cut them all the same size. The pocket piece I folded in half lengthwise so it would create a pocket when sewn to the inside fabric.

Oh, I also used a piece of quilting batting (felt would work too) to lay my pieces like this: batting, inside piece (face up), pocket piece (face up). Then I started laying out my brushes under the pocket to figure out how big to make each pocket. I tried to lay the brushes out like this: big, small, medium, big small, medium. I marked my lines and then sewed them. I went all the way to the top with my lines (instead of stopping at the pocket) just to give a little bit more interest. I also used a contrasting thread for interest as well.

After the pockets were sewn, I sewed my elastic hair band on by running about 15 stitches over it. (the hair band is to use to hold the roll up closed) Next I layed the outside piece on top of the pocket and pinned. I ran a stitch all the way around the piece leaving a 2-3inch opening (not where the band is).

Turn the piece right side out, I ironed all the edges flat and made sure they lined up. Then run a stitch all the way around (making sure to secure the hole). And you are done!

I love it! It's so pretty and so easy to use and my brushes stay cleaner this way.

Have you ever made a make up brush roll up? Are you going to now?

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