Thursday, May 3, 2012

Painting the Master Bedroom

After having painted swatches up for a few weeks, I finally got our bedroom painted! Yeah! This isn't going to be a wordy post, because frankly talking about how I painted a wall is boring and a million other bloggers have discussed in detail how to do it properly.

I was very nervous about the color, it's a bolder color than I usually am drawn to but I LOVE it! Our bedroom gets a lot of light, it's a decent size and I was only painting the top 2/3 of the walls so I figured it could handle the darker, bolder color. After living with it a few days/nights I know I made the right decision.

I know I wouldn't like this color if I didn't have (and plan to have) a lot of white in the room as a contrast and to add the lightness back into the room. After painting the room, I knew I couldn't put up the existing curtains back up (or rod). I wasn't planning on making any decisions on the curtains until the color was on the wall and I could make a better decision.

I decided pretty quickly that I wanted white curtains and I already knew which rod I wanted (the same as in my dinning and living rooms). I headed to wal-mart and picked up 2 of each white and grey twin sized flat sheets. The quick version is I measured how long I wanted them, cut the excess off the bottom of the sheets, sewed a white and a grey sheet together on 3 sides (not the cuff part which I wanted open at the bottom), flipped them inside out, then top stitched the edges with some grey thread. Done! I bought some clips and hung them up.

I lined the white with grey to give them more volume, to help keep the light out and it brings in some more color so the white isn't so plain. I like that when they are open I can see some of the grey peeking around the edge, it looks great with the walls. I'll take better pis of them later, they haven't even been ironed yet, so I'll get there soon!

Ok, so that's 2 more things checked off the bedroom list. Here's a rundown of what's left to do.

*Paint dresser and change knobs
*Paint nightstands (probably a grey)
*Change lampshades somehow (I really want white with colored trim, we'll see what happens)
*Sew bed skirt (have the fabric, just need to do it)
*Sew pillow shams
*Sew throw pillow covers
*Recover fabric on vanity bench
*Paint/Stain small table
*Hang art on left side of bed
*Repaint jewelry box
*Paint vanity handles
*Install window trim
*Maybes: change out the blinds for some sheers
                 frame the print by the chair

I think that's it but we'll see. I know it seems like a ton to do, but most of the projects are small.
Oh, and here's a quick before and after for you.

The room feels so much fresher and more modern and not boring. And FYI, the bottom wall color hasn't changed. Isn't it amazing what some paint can do?!

So, what do you think about the color? Do you like bold colors or neutral?

Comments make me Happy!

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