Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bathroom Redo

Here's the finished product.

I've tried, since moving into this house, to make this bathroom a pretty room. But I've failed miserably for years! It had 1980's 8x8" white tiles on the floor. And can I just say that white tile floors in a bathroom, especially with a little boy, was a bad idea.
Here's some before pics.

The cabinet had been painted white when we moved in and the countertop is some type of stone in white. So the room was way too white in a bad way. After painting it a few times it just wasn't working. So I came up with a plan and begged my sweet hubby to work on it with me.

First up was replacing the floor. We used a wood looking vinyl tile. That sounds kind of ugly but it's not at all. We have it in the kitchen, dinning room and hall and I love it! It's easy to install, looks like wood, is easy to clean, soft underfoot and inexpensive. So we carried it into the bathroom. It instantly warmed the space up. I am not a tile floor fan, so this made it feel comfortable.

Next I painted the walls. Well actually, David demoed the floor and then I painted and then he installed the floor. I picked a soft blue from Lowes called: Dockside Blue
Ok so next after that.
I love the look of trim work, a good classic look. So we installed breadboard around the room. It's small so it didn't take much, but made a HUGE impact! Which I loved immediately.

The cabinet, counter and faucet/sink all stayed the same. However I did repaint the original mirror frame. I don't love the frame but I'm not ready to make a new one yet, so I sprayed it with oil rubbed bronze, ORB. On the towel wall I kept the towel hooks, but got new towels, and new frames (Walmart) and sprayed those ORB as well.

The art in them I found at NY Public Library, which has digital copies of tons of art and prints. I just printed them out on some white card stock and framed them. I love the soft colors, and water scenes.

The shower curtain is the same one I've had for many years and still loved. But at the currant height it was making the room feel squatty. So I decided to raise the bar as high as I could and I found some fabric that I sewed to the bottom of my curtain.

I LOVE the way it looks! It makes the room feel bigger and adds some pattern.

Since this is the bathroom David uses to get ready in, the stuff on the counter is all for him. The basket on the right holds his colognes, deodorant and shaving cream. The box on the left is a goodwill find. I sprayed it with ORB and put a piece of felt on the bottom to hold his watches and other misc jewelry.

This room was such a huge payoff. It looks and feels like a whole new room and we love how it turned out!

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