Monday, July 23, 2012

Master Bedroom Finished!!!

I left off with freshly painted walls. And I've since done what feels like a million things to get it finished.

I'm just going to take you around the room and explain what I did.
-Vanity wall-
I recovered the vanity bench.
I spray painted the handles on the vanity drawers. I didn't care for the brassy dark original handles and the pulls aren't a standard size so I either needed to do a special order (=$$$) or spray paint. I'm not in love with how they turned out but I can live with it until I want to pay for new ones.
I painted the jewelry box the same color as the dresser (more on that in a minute).

I painted/stained the small table. I've seen this look on blogs and pinterest and really loved it and wanted to try it out. The table top was in great shape but the color was a bit too orangy/red. I sanded the top until all the old finish was gone. Then I taped off/bagged the top and sprayed the base white and then stained the top. When it was dry I waxed the top to protect it. I LOVE IT!
I added ribbon on the inside of the lampshade to cover the unfinished edges and give it a little something. It's very subtle but I like it.
I sewed a new pillow cover. I went through a few fabrics trying to find the right amount of pattern but one that wasn't overwhelming in the soft atmosphere I'd created. I think this one is just right.

-Dresser Wall-

This dresser has been a pain in the butt since we've had it. It's a family piece but I don't like the shape of it and those bottom drawers a a royal pain to paint. Add to that I repainted it only a year ago and I hated it and was dreading another repaint. (I've painted this dresser 5 times total in 12 years....) Up till the week before I was going to paint it, I wanted it a dark teal color but I saw a paint chip in this green and knew it was the one. I knew it would play off the wall color beautifully and I'm actually in love with this dresser! And the glass knobs from Hobby Lobby are perfect! I've painted furniture for many years but never the correct way. This time I was determined to do it right. Sanded most of the last color off, patched, primed, painted coat 1 & 2, waxed for protection and not rushing through steps. I allowed adequate cure time and it made all the difference! I also used Sherwin Williams paint which was recommend and I was very pleased with it.
This is the tutorial I followed on how to paint furniture.

The pearly vase I got at Target after looking at it every time I went in, and convincing my mom to buy it as well! I love it!
The wood tray I found at Goodwill. I have no idea what it really is but this is how I'm using it!
The blue bowl I found at TJ Maxx.
I added ribbon trim to the plant cover.
After seeing the dresser dressed up, I nixxed the electronic cover. I got a smaller, cream colored clock and arranged everything so it looked better. I absolutely LOVE looking at this area when I'm in bed.

-Bed Wall-
I painted the nightstands at the same time I did the dresser (it was a long week....). And I'm very pleased with how they turned out as well!
This one is mine, I have a basket of oils and a container of granola (for before bed!)
The lamps are the same but I covered the shades and added ribbon trim. If you look too close they look a bit questionable and at night when they are one the original design on the shades shines through but I don't care. Until I'm ready to track down and pay for new shades these will do just fine!
I made new pillow shams with this fabric that drove the color pallet.
I made a newish bed skirt. I took my old one and cut the brown fabric off (after measuring it for the new). Then sewed on new panels using a Walmart twin sheet (the same as the liner fabric on my curtains).
The green throw pillow is one I already had around the house. I was having a hard time finding a fabric/pillow that I liked and looked good so this is taking the spot for now.

-art wall-

These pics are hard to photograph, so sorry for the glares and weird angles. This is what's on the wall on the window wall. The big pic was taken almost 2 years ago but it's a great one. The other is a wedding photo that I turned black and white. The small frame on top is a Wordle that I created using words that are meaningful to us, printed on some blue card stock. The frame on the right is lyrics from a song David wrote me for our 10th anniversary.

Before and Afters

Amazing how much brighter, more life is in this room now!

I am SO happy with how the room evolved and I love it! This time, I took my time and tackled one thing at a time and then evaluated it adjusting things as I went. I LOVE it! It's soft, relaxing, light, beautiful and comfortable. It's a HUGE change from where I started. And David loves it too!

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