Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn Love

This is the first autumn that I can remember that I truly couldn't wait for it to come. I'm usually a summer kind of girl but this year I've been yearning for autumn. I suppose it was our brutal summer. In Oklahoma we had months of no rain and temps over 100 degrees for a record number of days. It was even too hot to swim! You couldn't go outside and do anything and the poor air conditioners struggled to keep temps in the 80's inside. And when it's like that it seems to last forever!

So I've been craving rainy days and cooler temps. We've finally had some cooler temps but not enough to completely turn our leaves. We still have a lot of trees with green leaves and very few are loosing them. We did get a bit of rain though, although we need a lot more.

All that said, I'm waiting for those rainy, cool evenings to curl up on the couch with my new quilt, and a fire and some hot meal. Blankets, socks and fires sound so good right now!

So I finally decided to get some fall decor going on in the house. I'm not usually one to decorate for every season. I usually only decorate for Christmas, but I was feeling the need to bring in some more nature and candles and have less "beachy" stuff.

Trey and I have been taking walks around the neighborhood in search of colorful leaves (hard to find right now) and some pine cones. We have a decent supply of pine cones, so last week I put some out. I've started to realize that I really love natural items to decorate with and I'll be doing the same for Christmas. Less theme and more just a general feeling of the season.

I know that most people are probably getting ready for Halloween right now. I'm not a Halloween fan. I've never liked scary stuff. Never liked being scared or watching scary movies. And David and Trey are the same way. I'm also not a fan of the "give me a treat or I'll play a trick on you" thing. It's not something I want to teach Trey and of course we are not a candy household. So we don't do Halloween.

I just want a general feeling of autumn around our home. The living room is the main area to make changes. I pulled out most of the blue stuff to bring in more browns and greens. And I have this awesome print that a friend of David's gave him after returning from Paris. I'd never got around to framing it or putting it out but "found" it again and realized that it was Paris in the fall. It looked perfect to put out right now.

I have plans to make some pillow covers for Christmas for my couch pillows but I'm thinking I might want to make some for Thanksgiving/autumn as well. I'll keep you posted if I decide to do that. I'm also waiting on our tree in our backyard to start dropping acorns. Last year I recruited Trey to find some for me to use in the house. I love using what's free outside to make my home feel more in tune with the season. I need to go find some sticks too.

I guess this is a bit of a rambling post. But there you have it.
How is your fall/autumn looking right now? It's going to be 82 today here!

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