Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Face, Body & Hair Care

Over the past 8 months or so I've made a lot of changes in our home regarding our health and such. I've switched to healthier versions and decreased how much I have. So I thought I'd share what's changed and what hasn't and why. So here we go.

I mentioned in this post how I was using oil to clean my face. After a while of using the oil I noticed that my face wasn't oily anymore, which was a symptom of dry skin, but showing signs of dryness. This was weird for me as I've always had oily skin. So I ordered some raw Shea butter and coconut oil from Amazon.
First I quit using the oil to "wash" my face every night. I would only use it when I was wearing make-up and mainly to remove my eye makeup. If I didn't wear any makeup that day, I would just moisturize it before like I did in the morning. (I stopped washing my face in the morning). I started using the Shea butter as my moisturizer. I really liked how well it worked at moisturizing my skin. A couple of things I didn't like was the initial texture, which was a bit grainy at first but once it was rubbed into my skin it was smooth. The other was that if I wanted to wear makeup I'd have to wipe some of it off my skin so my makeup wouldn't slide off. It just takes a while to soak into my skin. Although once my makeup was on it wasn't a problem.

I did switch to coconut oil for a while and while I loved the initial texture of it, it didn't seem to moisturize as well as the Shea butter for me. I did have the same problem with it regarding my makeup. So I decided to combine the two to get great moisturizing power and a smoother texture. I just melted a little of each and store it in a glass jar. I do like this the best.

So, I now only have a face moisturizer and a small bottle of oil that removes eye makeup and occasional cleaning. I used to have 2 cleansers one for morning and one for evening, eye makeup remover and moisturizer. And my face is clearer than ever before and softer, that I don't have a ton of products in the bathroom and it's WAY cheaper!

The only thing I've changed with my hair routine is that I quit using conditioner. I found that I really didn't need it and I haven't noticed a difference. I use Suave shampoo, which is a super cheap shampoo and it's one that David uses too (meaning that it doesn't smell girly). I've read many blog posts on other ways to clean hair without using shampoo but for me for right now I'm ok with still buying traditional shampoo. I also use moose and hair spray and those haven't changed. I used to wash my hair everyday (which probably necessitates the conditioner) because my hair was oily. But recently switched to every other day and if I re wet it when I don't wash, I don't notice any oil. It occurred to me that when I "washed" my face all the time it was super oily, so maybe the same applies to my hair?

I started with changing Trey's body soap after seeing on Skin Deep that his soap was considered toxic and he suffers from mild eczema. Then I figured that I needed to change my soap too. I started buying homemade soap bars from my local farmers market. Which I do love.
My deodorant was a change I'd been wanting to make for a while. After learning that most have aluminum in them I was ready for find something else. I ordered a brand off of Amazon for around $7 which was expensive for me (I was only spending $1 on the old stuff) and after using it for a while and figuring out that it wasn't working for me I switched again. I found a brand at Target called Tom's of Maine for around $4. I like it much better, it works better and I like that it's cheaper.
The latest change I've made is still up in the air. I've been trying to make my own body moisturizer. Using the Shea butter, coconut oil and some beeswax. My first batch I didn't like, so I just started using coconut oil. But I didn't feel the coconut oil was working like I needed, so I adjusted the original recipe (equal parts of all) to adding more coconut oil. So far I like this better but I haven't used it for very long.
As far as shaving goes, I've never used a shaving cream. I've always just used water. And I use a good disposable razor. This wasn't something I was going to go cheap on!
I haven't really decreased my body care products but have changed to much better products. At this point they aren't cheaper but sometimes better quality is worth the price. And I'm saving a lot of money because I'm not buying as much for my face and hair.

Things I haven't changed
I haven't changed my fragrances, makeup, or styling hair products.
At this point I don't want to change these to something more natural. I feel that with all the other changes I've made these aren't that big a deal. Maybe someday if I find the right combo of quality and price, but for now this isn't an issue for me.

When we went out of town a month ago it was nice to not have a ton of bathroom stuff to pack. It's also nice that my routines are super simple now. I like that I don't have as much stuff to buy and most of what I have lasts longer.

So tell me about your routines. Do you make any of your body/hair/face care products or buy everything? Do you want to make any changes?

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