Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How I Clean My Face

A couple of months ago I was reading one of my "natural" blogs and read how she used oil to clean her face. I was intrigued so I read the post. I was sold on it!
I'm not going to go into explaining why this works as I don't think I could explain adequately so here's the link to the post I read.

Here's what you do

You need Castor Oil and either Sunflower Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Oh and a small bottle to put the mixture in. I got mine at Target in their travel size section. The EVOO we buy in bulk and use in cooking so I didn't count this in the price to make this. The CO I found at my local pharmacy for $5, and the bottle cost a little over a dollar. The mixture lasted me (in my bottle) about a month.

If you read the article above she says that you really have to find your own formula and she gives a few. I have dry skin that will get oily (confusing I know but sometimes dry skin overproduces oil and you end up with oily). Anyway I first tried 25% CO and 75% EVOO. After a few weeks I was still dry so I added more EVOO. The second time I made it I put in 1 TBSP of CO and filled the bottle the rest of the way with EVOO. This combo is working much better for me.

The CO is the actual cleaning agent in this mixture and you only need a small amount because the CO will dry your skin out, which is where the EVOO comes in.

So, you have your mixture. Before bed pour some oil into your hands and start rubbing it into your face. For me this felt so weird because I'd been taught to get rid of the oil on my face so adding it felt weird for a while. After really rubbing it in, and by the way this will take off your eye make up too (not sure on waterproof mascara), take a warm to hot washcloth and hold it to your face until it cools. The article above says rinse and repeat a few times, but I get in a hurry and just do this once. I use the washcloth to wipe off the oil and BAM you are done!

Your face will feel so soft and clean! Since my face is a bit dry I put a small amount of oil back on my face to act as a moisturizer. You really just have to play with it to see what works for you.

In the morning you don't have to go through the process again. For me I get in the shower and after I get out I put a dab of oil on and it's good. No "washing" in the morning.

I've been doing this for a couple of months or so and I LOVE it! My skin looks better and feels better. It takes far less time to take care of my face in the morning and night. And it's so cheap! I don't have to buy a cleanser that was costing me $8 for a couple of months, or a moisturizer $8, or eye makeup remover $3. My bottle of CO will last me quite a while and so will the bottle. We will always have EVOO on hand.

I know this sounds a bit crazy but read the above article and give it a shot. It won't cost much to try. And you'll be working with your body on keeping a clean face not against it.

And if you do try it let me know!

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