Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Solution to Paper Clutter

Last month David and I did a lot of work on the office after getting a new desk and doing some major paper clean up. I also talked about wanting to find a way to keep the paper clutter out of the house. And so far the way we've been doing it has worked.

First here's a pic of the office now. We put up a shelf (my dad made) at the top of the wall to hold those books that David wants to read and reference. He used to have them piled on his little desk, so thought that having this shelf would free up desk space and add a bit of character to the room. I painted it the same color as the trim in the house so it would blend easily and yes it was a bit of a pain to install. David also has been going through all the piles that were just stacked up needing some attention.

After changing desks and going through a lot of papers I came across an idea from another blog and I totally stole it! I had a ton of papers to shred so I went looking at Goodwill for a shredder (I didn't want to pay $30+ for a new shredder) and we found one for $8. WOO-HOO!! Love me some Goodwill!

Next I set it up in the garage (after spending a few hours shredding what needed to be shredded....). The idea is that when David gets the mail when he comes home from work he will sort it and anything we don't need gets either shredded there in the garage or put in the paper recycling box all in the garage.

I like having a dedicated place for the shredder and that the papers usually don't make it in the house. Since our big recycling box is in the garage I just put all paper or shredded paper with it and everything is ready to go when we take the recycling.

So far it's working out great and it's been great to not have those piles on the desk! Love it!

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