Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buffalo Meat, Raw Milk and a Movie

When David and I got married we each brought a couple of recipes with us. We had both been brought up on comfort food, although David much more so than I. He grew up with more traditional southern comfort food and I maybe more simple comfort food.

So after a few years we got bored with our recipes and started looking or being open to new things. A few more years and David began watching some cooking shows and found out he loved to cook.

I think it was about this time that we really started to enjoy food more and started trying more recipes. Since he was enjoying the process of cooking he was cooking a lot of meals if not most from scratch.

We had never been big on things like Hamburger Helper or frozen meals. But we hadn't been using a lot of fresh ingredients.

Then a few months ago I began reading a lot of what I call natural blogs. Blogs that were focused on healthy foods and healthy living. There was lots of talk on gardening, whole foods, farmers markets, raw milk and pesticide-free.

It was getting me excited about finding foods for our family that was truly healthy for us. I started a garden, cut foods out that had high fructose corn syrup, and bought healthy snacks.

My mom and I have talked about this stuff a lot lately and are making the same changes . After a conversation about healthy meat she went to the farmers market and bought a buffalo roast.

It was pretty good. It tasted a lot like beef and with a little salt and pepper I really didn't notice a difference. It's much leaner than beef (so you have to cook it slower so it won't get tough). Buffalo meat is healthier than beef because it doesn't have a lot of fat in it.

We had also talked for a few weeks about raw milk. I was very interested in trying some but you can't exactly pick it up at the grocery store. Thankfully I had a friend who is a dairy farmer and she hooked me up (thanks Paige!)

Yesterday my mom and I each bought a gallon to try. I was afraid it would taste really different from what I was used to and then I wouldn't like it. But, the taste is really the same with a bit more sweet (not much) and creamier. And oh yeah, no hormones in it! Just knowing it's better for us makes me like it more!

Realizing there were hormones in my milk really bothered me (as it should). I didn't want strange hormones in my body (or my family's bodies), who knows what it's doing to me. I started wondering if it could be one cause of our infertility.

Last night we checked out a local farmer not a mile from our house. We didn't know she was there until a couple of months ago. We were after some spinach and eggs and we weren't disappointed! She was extremely nice and welcoming (so much that Trey wanted to hang out with her, he's usually very shy with new people).

She showed us around, told us we were now family and to come to the back door next time, and explained how she did things including that she didn't use pesticides or other junk. Her food was all natural. We picked a ton of spinach, which was snacked on in the car. Trey loves spinach and David loved how the fresh spinach tasted. This is big for a recovering comfort food guy!

David and I watched a documentary on Netflix the other night called FoodMatters. If you haven't watched it go watch it! The main theme of the movie was "we are what we eat". They covered a lot on how important it is to get the vitamins our bodies need and how it fails (getting sick) when it doesn't get them. I'll try to share about this movie some more another time.

So I'm pretty excited right now about finding the best food we can. I'm going to be doing some research on vitamins and which vitamin does what and I'll share what I find. The movie also talked about super foods and I'm going to be doing more research on that as well.

I'm excited about the new things I'm learning and look forward to sharing what I learn!

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  1. Food Matters is great movie!!! I didn't know you got milk yesterday, yay! I didn't really like raw milk for a while just because I'm not a huge milk drinker anyways but you're right, just knowing it's SO good for you makes it better :)


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