Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some New Stuff

So a couple of weekends ago I along with my family (parents, sisters, David, Trey and future brother-in-law) all spent a morning loading up all of my great aunt's belongings. She was living in an assisted living home and recently had some health problems that has forced her to move to a rehab home. She's in her 90's so that's to be expected.

See she's my grandmother's sister who is widowed, childless and moved her from Chicago about 3 years ago so my grandma could care for her (she's older than my grandma). Then wouldn't you know it, my grandma got sick and passed away. Leaving the care of my great aunt to my parents.

Anyway, now that you're caught up, we helped move all her stuff to my parents house. She kept what she wanted with her, and we were allowed to take anything we wanted since she wouldn't need it anymore. There wasn't much since she had downsized when she moved to OK. But I spotted a couple of things.

Wire cart

I saw this metal cart and knew I wanted it. I'd seen variations of it on blogs and Pinterest and loved the idea of using it in a creative way. I thought I'd like to use it for storing quilts/blankets for the colder months. I wasn't totally sold on the idea though once I brought it in the house. And I have ideas for maybe painting the rims on the wheels. But right now it's holding my big quilt and we'll see how it evolves over time.

Traveling Case

I love old suitcases. I'm not really sure why but I do. When I saw this old traveling case (as my mom called it) I was smitten. Even more so when I saw that it had her name on it. Yes, I have an aunt Bea. Inside was an OLD mirror, that is totally useless now and broken. I have no idea where I'll use this and it may just be something I hold on to till we get a bigger house.

Pearly Bowl

I found this old bowl in her china cabinet and I loved the pearly sheen to it. When I picked it up and looked closer I realized that it probably isn't an expensive bowl. The silver finished edges is rubbing off and the bowl is extremely light and probably aluminum. But I thought it was pretty and I can see it holding Christmas ornaments, or bells. We'll see.

Plant Stand

I spotted this plant stand and thought it would be great in my living room. But I passed by it a few times before finally deciding to take it. It's a solid wood chunky plant stand with a shiny finish to it, and isn't my style so I thought that I could paint it. So I took it home and put it in place to paint later.

Then my mom called and said she'd told my aunt what each person took and she explained about the plant stand. She had received it from her grandmother. It had been my great-great-grandmother's! She had stayed with her grandmother in the 20's as a child and seen it in her house. She said that her grandmother had received it around the time of her 2nd marriage. My mom and I did some figuring and believe it dates around the turn of the century. HOLY COW! My aunt's husband, my uncle (duh) had it refinished when they got it because it was in such bad condition.

So, when David heard this story he definitely didn't want me to paint it. Maybe someday I'll refinish it to my liking but that will probably be a long time from now.

When my aunt moved to OK, she downsized and my grandma ended up with a bunch of stuff. After my grandma died and we all got to pick what we wanted I had asked for some silver-silverware. My grandma had had several sets. What I ended up with was a combo of the set my grandma received as a wedding gift and the set my aunt had received as a wedding gift given to both by their brother.

I love the history behind these pieces and how well things were made "back in the day". I love that they were a part of my family member's lives. I love finding out the story behind a piece. And I love the character those pieces add to my home. No I probably wouldn't have picked out those exact styles of plant stand, silver, or all the other pieces I've acquired, but maybe that's what makes things so interesting.

Do you like antiques, or family pieces? Do you keep them as is or make them your own? What do you have from your long gone family members?

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