Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trey's Dr. Seuss Quilt

It's FINISHED!!!! I finally finished it! This quilt took a long time or at least it felt like it.

This quilt is for Trey for Christmas. He loves Dr. Seuss or rather his characters/books. I had gone searching for some Cat in the Hat fabric to make him some jammies. He had pair of Cat in the Hat jammies last year and still wanted to wear them when it was too hot for them and he outgrew them.

Anyway I decided to forgo the jammies in favor of something he wouldn't outgrow. So I decided on a quilt. I bought 4 Dr. Seuss fabrics and had 3 others on hand. I wanted to do something fun with the design and decided on circles with raw edges. It sounded easy enough but it SO wasn't!

I started with finding a plate to trace around onto a piece of cardboard to make my template. Then I cut 84 circles out of the 7 fabrics. Thankfully it didn't take as long as I thought it would. I doubled up the fabric when I could, so that helped. Then I layed them all out. I wanted to have the quilting be the circles as well as the different fabrics, so I decided to sew the circles onto the background fabric at the same time I quilted.
You can kind of see the circle quilting in this pic.

As you can see on the bottom, it's not evenly spaced. But that's ok.

It sounds like a time saver but circles are tricky. I had to shove the whole quilt with all it's layers through the small area in my standard sewing machine. And I had to sew in a circle and sew 2 rows of stitches per circle. Oh, and I could only sew while Trey was asleep or gone with daddy. So, it took forever! And I don't see myself doing any circle quilts anytime soon.

Ok, enough complaining about how long it took. I'm very proud of it and I really think he'll like it and I can't wait to give it to him. So, one more Christmas gift down and a few more to go....:)

Have you ever done a circle quilt? Or even a quilt? Have you seen the more modern quilt designs on Pinterest? Check out my quilts board on Pinterest.

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