Sunday, November 13, 2011

My To Do "List"

Hey, I hope everyone had a great weekend! We did some honey-do's around here: cleaning the garage, weeding the garden and lawn work. And we still had time to relax and rest! I wanted to share my to do "list"

I spent about an hour and a half cutting fabric. And grouping it into piles. So this is my pile of projects to be sewn. It includes: pillow covers, scarves and baby leggings. I'll be posting more on those later.

I work best assembly line style, I get so much more done that way. So I grouped like items together used a quilting safety pin and a post-it to keep the items together and remind myself what the project is.

Now I can just sit at my sewing machine and grab a pile and sew, grab a pile and sew. I'm hoping that I can get a ton done this way. I'm making some items for a craft fair next weekend and most of these scarves are going to be in the sale.

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