Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Fall Garden

This is just a little post to show my fall garden.

As you may recall, we had lots of tomato plants that we planted in the courtyard and then in September they were totally destroyed by the tomato horn worms. So, we decided to plant our fall crop in the courtyard since we pulled out all the tomato plants.

We planted spinach, beets and carrots. They only took about a week to sprout up. But they've stayed small for a while. This is the first time we've grown these veggies so I have no idea if they are on track or not.

Oh, and we had planted some garlic in the spring and they didn't amount to much so we left them and they are now doing pretty well (at least their greens are). And we have a couple of rogue onions in with the carrots.


I spent some time this last weekend weeding the garden and no I didn't finish.

So, is anyone else doing a fall garden? If so what are you growing and is it doing well? Do you think mine is good or is it behind?

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