Monday, January 10, 2011

My 12th Anniversary Weekend

I had a busy weekend and Sunday was my 12th wedding anniversary. On Saturday I made plans with my parents to help them clean out/organize their office. They are new empty nesters and have gradually been fixing up the extra rooms to meet their new needs. They have an office that is really an extra living room (big) and that room had been the catch all room for a while. They had accumulated a lot of paperwork regarding their parents estates not to mention all thier stuff and an old business. But we tackled the room and eventually got through all the stuff on the floor and moved the furniture. We weren't able to get inside my mom's desk or about 8 plastic tubs with books in them....But we'll do that another time.

I forgot to get a picture of the room before we started but I got one part way through. Yes, the carpet is green. They will be replacing the flooring in there in a few months, we have to get the office under control before they can start working on it. And the walls and border will be changed as well, but they won't do that till they are ready to work on the floors. We put my dad's desk/computer and office stuff on one side and my mom's desk/bill stuff on the other. There's a book shelf that kind of divides the room on another wall.

When my parents bought the house about 20 years ago they had 3 girls and one more on the way. The house has 3 bedrooms and this extra living room. And my dad had a business. So they put doors on the room and were able to make it a bedroom for 2 of us. My dad (a carpenter by hobby) built wood shelves and installed them at about a foot shy of the ceiling on both sides to help with storage, that's what's on the wall under the border. I got to say I'm excited about seeing the end result but my parents move a little slow sometimes so it'll be several months. They are also wanting to remodel their master bathroom (my dad will do it all) and so I'm going to try to get pics of that as well. I love before and afters!

So, yesterday David and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. We dropped Trey off at my parents and went to lunch and a movie with a little bit of shopping. We watched The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which we really enjoyed. We are both listening to the Chronicles of Narnia books right now so we were really wanting to see this movie.

Our engagement pic
 We also have a certain way we do gifts regarding our anniversary. We don't buy each other gifts to give. Since our anniversary is only 2 weeks away from Christmas we don't like doing gifts like that. We either buy something that we can both enjoy/want or we go out together and shop for what each wants. This year we didn't want anything together (within our budget!). So, I asked for 2 new pair of shoes.

We had a great weekend and I hope you did too.
This week I want to show off the pillow covers I made and anything else that I feel like!

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