Saturday, January 1, 2011

Organizing their Office

First off Happy New Year!!!

My family and I spent ALL day yesterday at our best friends house. We usually spend NYE with them but we also had a project! They are expecting their 2nd child and needed to clean out their office to turn into a bedroom. So we spent the majority of the day cleaning it out. They are downsizing to only one desk so we had to completely clean one out and get rid of a lot. The closet also had to be pretty empty but their out of season stuff will be staying. I only have a before pic right now because we only purged things. The furniture will be moved hopefully in a couple of weeks so I don't have the after pic.

I've spent the last year helping them organize their house room by room and even the garage. I love doing it and they were in need, so it was a perfect fit! We still have to finish the kitchen which we only touched on one time. And after moving furniture around for the nursery we'll have to rework 2 other rooms. They have been able to donate and trash a lot of stuff over the past year and because of it they now come home and enjoy being there instead of dreading it. I love helping them feel better about their home.

I also will be helping my parents clean out/organize their office as well next week. Unfortunately their office is the size of most living rooms and they not only have their own paperwork, paperwork for a sold business, but also paperwork for both of their parents estates. So, I think we'll be going through a TON of papers! But, like I said I love doing this and I get so energized when I do it. I'll try to get before and afters of my parents office too. I think they want to make it more than just an office so we'll see what happens!

I hope you all have a great day!

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