Friday, January 7, 2011

Dinning Room Perk Up

For several months I've been wanting to replace the mirror I have in our dinning room. It was my cousin's mirror from when she was a kid but with a new frame. She didn't want it anymore so gave it to me 3-4 years ago. The frame was a nice thick one but she liked the distressed look and I'm not much into that look so I took the mirror out and repainted the frame. The problem came when I put the mirror back into the frame. The mirror was probably around 1/4 of an inch thick. Super thin for a large mirror. But I ended up cracking a corner of it. I was bummed but didn't want to trash it because I didn't have another mirror that size and didn't want to buy one. So, there it stayed for 3-4 years always making me nervous whenever anyone got too close to it. It was hard to clean too, I was scared to press too hard on it for fear of shattering it. And then a couple months ago when we had our little earthquake (yep in Oklahaoma!) and the thing rattled really bad and I thought it was going to fall, I knew it was time to replace it.
So my intention was to get a new one after Christmas. Hobby Lobby always has nice ones but even with the sales and coupons the size I needed was still a bit pricy. I ended up finding one at the perfect price and size at Ross. I so love that place for home stuff!
Here's my dinning room before.

I don't know if you can tell or not that the chairs have a nice plastic feel to the seat. This dinning set was my Grandmother's and she came from the era of putting plastic on stuff you wanted to stay nice. When I first got it I had intentions of recovering the seats or at least taking the plastic off. But the fabric actually went with my dinning room and then I realized that I have a toddler and that food wipes off soooo much better off of plastic. So, it's not ideal for decorating but it works for us in our life right now.

I also got a wall clock for that little bit of wall on the left side of the room. I like being able to see a clock anywhere in the house and I couldn't in the dinning room and I needed something on that blank wall.
Here's the new mirror and clock.
I LOVE the new mirror and the clock helps the room feel warmer. I'm working on putting up a vinyl saying above the mirror. I made my first one the other day and got it up but I don't think I like it. I think it's a bit too small and the font isn't what I had in mind.

So what do you think, do I redo it? I need some opinions!


  1. The clock does make the room warmer. I live the saying - and i think it looks good - maybe if you show a far away shot we can get a better feel of it in proportion to the mirror.

    Stopping by via Gussy's community post today. :)

  2. Thanks Gina, I just added a wider view pic. The dinning room is so small so it's hard to get far back and not have the light in the way! Thanks for the input!


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