Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Pillows

One of the reasons I wanted a new sewing machine was to make some pillows. I'd seen some throw pillow covers and had ideas for better ones for my living room. So, I've been working on some the past couple of weeks.

Now, I'm not a pattern kind of girl. Well, I should say, I like pattern but I end up gravitating to solids as a "safer" option. But I was determined that I needed some patterned fabrics for my pillows. The living room needed that extra touch. I had 2 solid colored pillows already and one striped one. The striped one was staying as is (I fell in love with the colors!), but the solid ones were getting recovered and I needed more. I bought 2 new ones at Pier 1. One was a solid velvet green (I know solid!) but the other was a pattern. (This was before I started making the covers.) It turned out that the pattern pillow is made with outdoor fabric, which I figure is more durrable for toddlers fingers.

When I went looking for fabric I happen to really like some fabrics that also turned out to be outdoor fabrics. So, with my more durrable fabrics as well as making pillow covers instead of just a pillow, I feel better about having nice pillows with a toddler.
These are my living room pillows
And here are the backs of the covered ones.

For the 2 that I didn't have pillows for I picked up the forms at Hobby Lobby. They were only a few bucks each with a coupon. The white pillow cover, I used fabric that I've had for a long time. A few years ago I had some cafe curtains with this fabric and I still liked it. The other 3 are all the outdoor fabric, the white is cotton.

I had 2 old Pier 1 throw pillows on our bed and realized that they had zippers so the covers came off and I recovered those as well. And I had received at Trey's baby shower a pillow that had pink/purple butterflys on it that someone had made (we did know we were having a boy....), so I recovered it as well into something a bit more boyish.
On Trey's pillow I used my Cricut to cut stencils and fabric paint to make it more his. I like how it turned out. Actually I'm really pleased with how they all turned out. Each pillow only took about 30min to make and super easy to make. And I really love the new pattern fabrics I found.

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