Friday, February 24, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover #532

OK, so it's not really #532 of my master bedroom makeover, but it feels like it sometimes! Yes, I am once again wanting to work on our bedroom. It seems that the past several times I've worked on our bedroom it just hasn't quite been what I want. But I hadn't really spent a lot of time coming up with a plan.

So it's not wonder I look at our room and I don't really care for it. It feels very bland and boring. I noticed when I worked on Trey's room that I had a plan but I also let it flow. I ended up with a few different patterned fabrics and I loved the look and feel of it. So that's my goal for the master bedroom.

I've been pinning bedrooms on Pinterest that I liked and then spent some time looking over them to see what I loved about them. It definitely helped me narrow down some ideas, like the colors I wanted in there and the feeling I was after.

Next I went pulling paint swatches at a few different places. I usually buy my paint at either Lowe's or Home Depot but I didn't find a great selection of shades in the colors I wanted, so I went to Sherwin Williams to pull swatches and will just have Lowe's color match it.

I also went looking at for some fabrics and then ordered some swatches so that I could look at them in the bedroom with the paint swatches.  This is a pic of what I ended up with.

As of right now:
 I want to repaint the walls, nightstands, dresser and refinish the small side table.

I want some new art in a couple of spots. One being a large photograph and the other a gallery wall.  

I want to switch curtain panels with the living room.

I want to make new pillow shams, new throw pillow covers and recover my vanity bench.

I want to make a new bed skirt.

So, that's my plan to make this room feel more pulled together, have a bit of personality and life while keeping true to who we are and how we live. I want a fresh, soothing space with modern/classic elements, on a budget!

I won't be finishing this project for a few months, but I'll be spending lots of time working on my plan and working on small projects. I'm hoping to do a few new things with this project including: wall paint mixed at 75-50% strength, chalk paint (not chalkboard paint) and a 2 toned half wood half painted piece. But we'll see how this evolves along the way.

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