Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My 2011 Natural Goals

Yes I realize that it's April and I'm just now sharing my yearly goals. Partly because I made my goals after the year started and partly because I'm just now getting to it!
I'm hoping to start doing more posts on natural stuff for a while.

So, here's my list:

Start a compost pile - I did get one started. I just found a spot in our backyard to park it. I used some leftover bricks that we had to make just a very short wall around it. Right now that's working. And I think the pile is starting to work too.

Start a vermicompost pile - I haven't done this yet. I think I might start this later in summer or fall.

Start a garden - we have done this

Change my face care - I have done this. I no longer "wash" my face with soap. I also don't use eye make-up remover, or face lotion. I use oil to clean my face and moisturize and remove eye make-up. One item does all that and does it well! I'll share more in another post.

Change Trey's body wash - Trey has very sensitive skin (like me) and since he was a baby he's had eczema on his arms, face and legs. I finally realized that maybe his body wash and lotion (with all the chemicals) might be contributing to this. I did find a natural body wash. We haven't used it long enough yet to share about it. I also stopped washing his face with soap altogether and his face has cleared. I'll comment more on this in the future.

Change my body care products - I also want to change my body wash, body lotion and deodorant to ones made with natural ingredients.

Change cycle products - This is one I'm working on right now. I've started noticing how much trash I was accumulating during my cycle and I was hating buying new products every month or so. I had read about some tampon alternatives (more about that in a future post) and about "mama cloth". Mama cloth is reusable pads. Since I cloth diaper this isn't that far fetched an idea for me. If I don't want Trey to have that plastic chemical filled thing touching his privates, why would I want the same for me? I heard they are SO much more comfortable and that you don't even feel it. There are several places to buy them and also tutorials online to show how to make them if you want. I'll have to try out what I get and then I'll share more on this later.

Start taking herbs - There are several herbs out there that are beneficial to women (especially during the childbearing year). So I want to start taking some of those to help get me ready for pregnancy, for during and for after and nursing. I'll share more on this when I get there too!

There are many more things I'd like to do and to change but this is probably all I'll be able to do this year.
I'd like to address my make-up, toothpaste, use more essential oils and buy more organic foods. This is a process of learning and slowly making changes. I'm excited about these changes and look forward to sharing what I find out! I'll be posting more on these as I use/do them and have had enough time to see how it works for us.

I'd love to hear about changes you are making too!
Comments make me happy!


  1. We started composting about a year ago. I have a countertop composter and when that gets full we dump it in our pile outside. We are really bad about not watering it though. We also use natural body washes.

  2. We switched to mild castile soap for almost everything body related and love it. I need to start a compost pile. We put everything in a container to take to my mom's chickens, but then it stinks because we only go once a week.

    I just got some mama cloth to wear with my moon cup and love it. It's so soft. If you haven't gotten any yet, I highly recommend cotton hemp or bamboo velour. So comfy.

  3. Nina, I just got my mama cloth and Diva cup yesterday. The cloth is SO soft! For once I'm actually excited to start my cycle to try out my new stuff!


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