Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jewelry Box Makeover

I've had this jewelry box for a couple of years or so and I've never really liked the finish on it. I had been on the hunt for a new jewelry box and couldn't find one that I liked the form and finish on. So I settled on this one. I like the shape and how it's set up, and figured I can always change the look.

I didn't really know how I was going to change it or into what until about a month ago. I'd seen someone spray paint their not so pretty jewelry box (which was similar to mine in shape). I loved it! And that's how it started!

Since my bedroom has a lot of soft muted colors I wanted the color on the jewelry box to kind of pop. I wanted it to be a little unexpected. I was played it safe with the colors in the room and wanted to do something a little edgy. I know that painting a jewelry box isn't edgy but it had the potential to push my comfort zone with the color. Normally I would stick to neutral colors: white, black, tan, taupe.... But I wanted something different and after all if I didn't like it I could always repaint it!

I found a bright (somewhat) blue in the fabric in one of the pillows. Then headed to Lowe's to find a blue that came close. I didn't take a swatch with me I just guessed. But I made sure it was a blue that I really liked.

I then painted that sucker up! I liked it out in the garage but when I got it in the bedroom to it's little home I started loving it! It changed the feel of the room in a good way and was definitely the pop of color I wanted.

After living with it for a couple of days I decided that I wanted to paint the knobs silver. I wasn't sure originally if I wanted to do that but I wanted a bit more dimension to it and LOVE the silver knobs.

If you look on the left you'll see the shiny, wood with brass knobs. Shiny wood and brassy are just not me!
Ok here it is painted but the knobs are still blue
You might notice that this isn't perfectly painted, once again I wasn't going for perfect. I struggle with perfectionism.

The top has a piece of glass which allows you to see into the box. I didn't like that so I added a piece of vellum from my scrapbook stash and I love the way it looks! Here's a view of the top.

I'm very excited with how it turned out!

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