Monday, April 4, 2011

Yard Work Weekend

So this weekend we spent a LOT of time outside working on the outside of our home. I have to say I loved it, especially since the weather was beautiful!

It started Friday night when hanging out with the K's we found out our city was giving away free trees, one per person! WOO-HOO!!! We just had to go pick them up! By the time we got there they didn't want to move what they had left, it was almost time to leave, so we got as many as we wanted. I got 2 for us and one for my mom.

We had this pitiful little spot in our front yard that looks like it had a tree in it at one time but when we bought the house it was empty. So this year we finally figured it was time to get a tree in there. We had just looked at trees on Thursday, so when Friday came with free trees we jumped on it! We planted the other tree in the back yard. They are Red Maple and should be really pretty, although we may not live here long enough to see it....

Saturday we had big plans: mow both yards, clean out & till up the flower bed, plant 2 trees, move a rose bush. We took care of all of that Saturday morning. Then decided to take Trey to the zoo after his nap. He's been asking to go for a couple of days so we went!

Sunday after church, we sprayed the yard for bugs, and power washed the back porch. It feels really good to have gotten so many outside things done! The yards look good and I want to go out and enjoy them more now. Oh and the neighbors aren't embarassed by us now!

The gardens are both planted now and I'm very excited about that! I planted tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and okra. I need to plant some herbs, and hopefully some carrots. I had some extra bricks so I sort of lined the courtyard garden plants with them. Just to help define where everything is and to help keep little feet out of certain areas. We're going to get a few large pavers to walk on.

I love this time of year and look forward to tending my gardens, playing outside with my family and enjoying this mostly warm weather!

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