Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pillow Shams

I finally got around to making the pillow shams for our master bedroom.
I found the fabric in the remnant pile. There was 3 yards left and that was just about the right amount. I hadn't figured the amount out before finding the fabric so I just took all 3 yards to be safe. I believe it's outdoor fabric, but you can't tell. It looks like upholstery fabric.

I wanted a colored fabric since my sheets are white (and I like that), so I needed a color to break up the white. I already have my headboard fabric which is a striped brown, turquoise, cream, green and the fabric for the shams is a solid turqoise color. So they go well together.

I just made a simple pillow cover and it didn't take me that long maybe 1 1/2 hours for all 3 (we have a king size bed with regular size pillows so we needed 3).

I debated over whether to have a decorative edge or not but in the end having enough fabric made the decision, no edge, just a simple cover.

I really like how they turned out! Here's a pic of them on the bed with the other throw pillows I made. The shams are practically the same color as the small DM pillow, but the pic isn't reflecting that.

I'm getting closer to finishing this room. I need to repaint the dresser and put knobs on it, it doesn't have any right now. And I need to make the headboard, and a few small things. But I'm pleased with the results and excited to show off the whole room when it's done!


  1. I LOVE this! Its FAB!!! Come on 'ova and share this at my Linky Par-Tay!



  2. Thank you for linking up this great post last week! {Im a lil behind, eeekk!}

    Its party time AGAIN!!! xoxokara



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