Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's Up With Me

So, since last Saturday I've been struggling to get enough rest and just to get regular stuff done.
I've been helping our friends with some house projects (which I LOVE to do). See Friday's post.

And I've had some major dental issues this week. Actually it started about 2 weeks ago with a BLT sandwich in which the bacon attacked my dental work and created a crack. I finally decided to get it checked out this past week.
So I went to my dentist on Tuesday morning and he promptly referred me to a specialist (my current dentist did not install the work that broke, and it's a few years old). So a few hours later I was sitting in another dentist chair.
Then that evening I was eating dinner (another sandwich) and "Houston we have a problem"! Major, major breakage. So, I called the new dentist the next morning and they were kind enough to do a temporary fix.
And now yesterday morning I sat for 3 hours in a chair getting a major overhaul, but it's only my temporaries for a month. Thankfully the permanents won't take long to install.

And the weather was so great this week and I tried to get out more with Trey to enjoy it.
So needless to say, I've had a crazy week and haven't gotten much done! But that's ok, because I helped my friends and played with my son and enjoyed being outside.

Here's hoping that this week will feel more normal!

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