Friday, March 4, 2011

Hubby's Manual Labor

Well last year when we decided to have a backyard garden, I just dug out an area and planted some stuff. I had a couple of tomato plants that did really well, especially the cherry tomato plant. We LOVED it!

Then came the 4th of July. We have 2 dogs, a Dashchund and a Beagle/Bassett mix. Well, Sabrina (Beagle/Bassett mix) doesn't care for (make that HATES) the fireworks. She freaks out and will throw herself on the back door and whatever else makes her feel better. While we were out watching fireworks, she decided to chew the stake holding the chicken wire blocking her from the garden, got in and destroyed my beautiful tomato plants.

She was disowned for a while.

So, this year I decided we needed to build it up and add the chicken wire so hopefully this won't happen again. Oh, after the 4th, she then realized the garden was a great place to stay cool.

We had a bunch of bricks that were unused so I asked David to please move them to the garden for me. He was so great, he did that and made the wall! Oh, and he made it a bit bigger so there was more digging involved.

But now we have a built up garden that just needs a lot of dirt. I'm SO excited to get some plants in there, I think I'll plant spinach in there, not sure what else or if there's room for more. We'll have to wait and see.

I did plant some seeds indoors last week and some are sprouting up, so in a couple of weeks hopefully I can get them outside!
Now we just need to till up the courtyard to get it ready too!

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