Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Blizzard and New Lamps

So, here is Oklahoma they are considering our snow storm a blizzard! It started snowing during the night and it's still snowing. It's beautiful but the news is saying stay home unless you absolutely have to go out. Thankfully David's work shut down for the day, so we are hibernating! I think I just saw on the news that our wind chill is -28, and it's only 2 above. So, it's a bit chilly out!!!!! And yes, that snow drift is as tall as the chairs, and the table and chairs are all under a covered porch.

Last night I went to Marshall's and found some new bedroom lamps. I've been looking around and found some at Lowe's and Target that I liked (the bases) but I was hoping to find some a bit cheaper. Marshall's came through. At $40 a piece for the base AND shade they were cheaper than Lowe's and Target who each had just the base for $40. So, I'm super excited!

When we put them up last night to see if they were going to work, I mentioned to David that I hated the look of our alarm clocks. He said I could get rid of his, since he uses his phone as an alarm. YES! So, since I don't use an alarm anymore, both got unplugged and removed!

The night stands look so much better and the bed wall looks much cleaner and less cluttered! I'm very excited about that! For a before on how the nightstands looked go here.

Now I just new some new tables.....

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