Monday, February 14, 2011

Sharing the Love

In honor of today: Valentine's day, I want to share with you a post my wonderful husband David wrote on his blog. David is passionate about marriages, cooking and writing. Please take 2 minutes and read his post: It has been almost 13 years

Happy Valentine's day to the love of my life!

Summer '06

We are celebrating here at home tonight. What are your plans for today?

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  1. Hi Marixa! I don't know you "in person" but I've been following for a few weeks now (if I remember right I think I found your blog through Gussy's community post). I clicked over to your husband's blog after reading your post above and realized - I went to high school with him! Small world! I've been enjoying your blog and liked David's post today as well - very well said!

    Beth (Clay) Anderson


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