Friday, February 11, 2011

Master Bathroom Before & After

Our master bathroom is actually just a toilet and shower stall. Our sink/counter/mirror is in the bedroom. That sounds very dorm room like but it’s not. It looks better than that. Anyway, that little room has been very neglected. I haven’t known what to do, didn’t want to spend much, and no one ever saw it so it wasn’t a priority.

Now, that I’m really trying to get the master bedroom in shape the bathroom had to follow. So, one day I decided to just paint it.

When we bought the house it was painted a brownish color. The color it’s self wasn’t bad but in a windowless room it was a cave. Then, while I was prego with Trey I got it in my head it “had” to be painted, and painted a blue color.

So my wonderful hubby painted it for me. I was going for a soothing, ocean feel. But that fell short. It was just blue.

Here’s the blue bathroom

That’s ok though, that’s the great thing about paint, if you don’t like it just repaint it!

I decided to use some paint I already had that was leftover from another room in the house. It’s a creamy neutral color that really lightened up the small space. Did I mention that the ceiling height is shorter in there too?

So, I got it painted, and then I had a shelf that I wasn’t using that I had David hang, moved a picture in there and added some extra decorations to the shelf.

It turned out better than I expected. I really enjoy going in there now and it looks like a real room in the house instead of a cave!

AND, it was all FREE! Woo-Hoo!!!

I’d like to get some new rugs but these will do for now. And I need some seashells to go in the glass vase.


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