Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Office to Playroom Part 3

Well, for the first time ever I can say I'm done with a room! I have no more lingering things to do to the playroom, done, finished! WOO-HOO! Can you tell I'm excited?!

I just have a 3 little things to show you.

First is the cord cover for the t.v. I know that you've seen how we cover cords around here, but in this room it was more than just to look better. Since this is where children will hang out and Trey's table is next to the cord that comes down from the t.v. it needed to be inaccessible. I'm not worried about the plug but the cord being yanked on. And of course it just looks so much better and cleaner with the cord covered and not moving all over the place. I spent some time wrapping all the cords together behind the t.v. so they don't hang and so I can't see them (cords drive me crazy!).

All that said, I painted it and David screwed it in. OK, I lied, I do still need to paint the screws so they blend in but after that, I'm done! What do you think? Much better, huh?!

Second was making a quick pillow cover for the pillow I had on the chair. I just used some left over fabric from the toy box makeover, which I LOVE. It took me all of 30min to whip this baby up and I love the color it adds to the plain chair.

Third I wanted to make some new curtains for the room. I saw a tutorial on another blog about using 2 twin flat sheets to make striped curtains. She used Walmart sheets ($6ea for me) and cut them up into strips then sewed them into stripes. I loved them and the idea and the price. You can't beat $12 for some curtains.

So I went to Walmart and picked up a white and a blue. I did my measuring, then my cutting then my sewing (duh, right?). Then hung them up and they were OK. I was short about a whole stripe, they turned out a bit crooked and the colors together felt a bit like Dr. Seuss.

But for me, when I get to the end of a project and I don't love it, I usually say "screw it" and accept it. So, guess what I did? Yep, I'm accepting it. The short thing isn't a huge deal because in this room the end of the curtains isn't seen very much, only one is even seen and it's in the corner. And I'm considering using some clips to hang them from which would drop them down a few more inches. The crooked thing I was able to adjust most of it when I sewed the tube for the curtain rod. And the colors, while it wasn't what I had envisioned, the colors fit in with the room and they make the room feel a bit lighter compared to the old curtains.

So, while they aren't bad, they are better than what I had and they work. So until I find something or want to make something better, they are it baby! Hey, you can't get it right every time. And for these I'm OK with that. So, I'm done and ready to move on to other projects.

Here's Part 1
Here's Part 2

Next up I'll show what I've been working on in Trey's room. I'm excited and it's been a big change!

Has anyone ever tried to make striped curtains? If so how'd you do it? Did yours turn out crooked too?

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