Monday, January 9, 2012

Office to a Playroom Part 1

So, the week before Christmas David and I are heading out of town to visit with his grandmother. It takes about an hour and a half to get there, which we don't mind because it gives us a long stretch of mostly uninterupted time to talk.

So, I started the conversation expressing my desire to have a space that I can have my desk and Trey's toys together. While working on all those Christmas presents, I spent a lot of time at my desk sewing away. And Trey wanted to be with me, so he hung out in the office with me but didn't have much to play with and there wasn't much room. So he mostly just layed around and half-heartedly colored.

I didn't know what we could do about it but I brought up the subject with David to see what he thought. And to my surprise he suggested getting rid of his desk in the office to make room for Trey's stuff. So a plan was hatched. We spent the rest of the trip there and back hashing out details and coming up with ideas. And we wanted to acomplish it the week after Christmas, while David was still home on holiday vacation.

So, the day after Christmas we got started. I started pulling down Christmas decorations and packing them up, while David started cleaning out the garage. You see we had to do a room by room shuffle. We had to take Christmas boxes out of the garage, and Trey's new bed (more on that in another post) to make room for the desk. And we had to move the desk out of the office to make room for the toys, and had to move out the toys from Trey's room to make room for the bed. Clear as mud?

By the end of the day, all major pieces had been moved into place. And then it took me the rest of the week to get all the little things organized and put away. Poor David was ready to go back to work just to rest! I'm totally LOVING the end result of the playroom formerly known as the office.

First some before pics.

Due to Christmas I'd received some new toys to create with and Trey had new stuff as well. So I had to get super creative with my storage and not spend very much. I think when all is said and done we'll have spent a little over $100. And it was worth every penny!

After removing David's desk (to the garage for now), we moved his filing cabinet and other misc stuff to the closet for now (to be cleaned and organized at another time). That freed up half the room. Then I moved some white cubes, that were beside my desk, to the other side and stacked them 2 up, 2 side. This let me move my desk all the way to the corner. The white cabinet moved to the left side of my desk by the door.

We brought in Trey's toy box, boxes of blocks, cooking stuff, and all his puzzles and games. He had a small table with 2 chairs that was perfect in there. And the recliner that was in Trey's room was moved to the playroom as well. Here's an in process pic.
I will be making some new curtains to help lighten the room and fit in color wise with the rest of the stuff in the room. I'm also working on a pillow cover for the pillow on the recliner.

So that's all the big stuff moved. I'll share in Part 2 the organization, and finished details.
Here's a small teaser.

It's a finished area, except I'll be trading out the red basket for another navy one soon.

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