Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Natural Goals

Last year about April I posted about my natural goals for the year and I thought I'd post about the ones I have for this year as well.

2012 Goals

Rain Barrel
I want to get at least one, preferably 2 barrels and start using them in the spring. I've wanted to get some barrels all last year but it just didn't happen. Although I did talk my parents into it and they now have 2. After seeing how much better my plants grew from rain water as opposed to the hose, I'm really anxious to get this up and going.

Rechargeable Batteries
I know this isn't a huge natural goal but for me I want to stop buying so many batteries and use more rechargeable. I have some but I need a bigger selection.

This year I'd like to find a better sunscreen for our family. I read some last summer about traditional sunscreens containing some yucky ingredients, although I don't remember much of what I read. So, I'll be doing some more research and changing what we use. I'll be sure to share.

Eat more veggies
This year I really want our family to eat more veggies. We are going to be eating one meal a week without meat and trying to make it veggie heavy. David has some new cook books that we have found a lot of recipes for veggie meals to try. We want to push ourselves this year on eating better. I quit eating my smoothie when the weather got chilly and after a few months I started noticing that I was more tired and just didn't feel very good. And my face was breaking out more. So, I've started eating them again. I'm also going to be getting a juicer soon and want to start getting more veggies that way too.

Continuing Goals
Composting- we loved being able to use our food scraps to give us great soil last year. We have put it on hold during the cold months but will start back up around March.

Gardening- David really fell in love with gardening last year. Since he loves to cook he loved having fresh ingredients to use. We'll be revamping our gardens to get more space.

Right now I don't have a lot of goals but as the year goes by and I read more I may find more things I want to do. It's a process.

I'd love to hear about your natural goals for the year. And if you have any tips for me on mine.

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