Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I know that Christmas is less than a week away but I'm going to take a small break. David is off work until the new year and we will be spending lots of time together as a family.

I wanted to share a few random tidbits about me and Christmas.

* David and I have only had a real tree once or twice since getting married. We were given a fake by my grandparents after getting married. Then a few years ago we purchased one with the lights attached and I gotta say it's hard to beat.

* We don't have a "theme" for our tree and never have. We always have random ornaments that we've collected over the years and I love it! Maybe someday we might if we have enough room to have 2 trees.

* We usually celebrate Christmas with David's side a week before Christmas due to his brother's work schedule. We actually really like doing it this way because we get to spread out the fun rather than having it all smooshed into 2 days.

*David and I don't like the traditional Christmas food fare. My side will do the traditional food, but when we celebrate with friends or his side it's always something non-traditional. This year it will be sandwiches with his side and street tacos with the friends and vodka pasta for us.

* We celebrate Christmas with our besties "the K's" every year. We take turns hosting the celebration and we girls get excited because we know that we get to use our china at least every other year!

* David and I actually like going to the mall on Christmas Eve. We are never there to shop (we're always done before then) but we love to go and watch people and just take in the Christmas spirit. We try to do it every year.

* When David and I were engaged he wanted to start a new tradition and picked going to a movie on Christmas Eve. We included my sisters and kept it up until Trey came along. We'd like to restart it again in the future when Trey is old enough to enjoy the movie.

* David and I exchange gifts and stockings with each other as well as with Trey. David loves doing stockings.

* We love Christmas music. Our favs are: anything by Bing Crosby, Oh Holy Night, I'll be Home for Christmas and the Chipmunks.

*Our favorite  Christmas movies are: White Christmas, Christmas Carol and a Christmas Story.

* We go to a Christmas Eve service every year. This year we'll be going to LifeChurch's service.

* This year we'll be celebrating just the 3 of us on Christmas Eve and my side on Christmas Day.

* Every year David and I open our gifts to each other Christmas morning (with Trey now of course). He usually fixes cinnamon rolls the day before and then we bake them when we wake up. We start a fire and turn on some music and then exchange gifts. This year we'll be fixing something different for breakfast, something with a lot less sugar!

* My side of the family is big on traditions, David's isn't at all. With my side we read the Night Before Christmas and then the Christmas story from the Bible before we exchange gifts.

 Thank you for taking time to read my words, it means a lot to me! I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's.

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