Friday, January 27, 2012

Furniture Moving in Trey's Room

So, I mentioned in my Office to Playroom posts that we moved a lot of furniture around and Trey's room was hit as well.

We started with moving out the recliner and the toy box which went to the playroom. We were left with his dresser and the changing table. I like using the dresser for Trey's clothes, it just works better for me. I found that I wouldn't hang his clothes up and they'd just stack and then get wrinkled. So, all his clothes are now in the dresser. And so far it's working great.

Obviously we aren't using the changing table right now except to store some baby stuff. But I love it and it will be used more in the future. I do think I want to repaint it in a brighter fun color but probably not for a while. That thing weighs a ton, so I'd have to do it in place and it's not a priority right now.

Anyway, so those 2 pieces stayed. My parents have recently done some furniture moving around as well and they gave us a twin bed for Trey. We haven't been in any hurry to get him his own bed but I didn't want to turn it down since we would eventually need it.

 Right now and since he was born he's slept right between David and I.  We never intended to have him sleep with us but in the hospital I couldn't bear to have him sleep in that clear box, so he slept with me in my bed. Then when we got home it just seemed natural to keep doing it. We all love our arrangement, although I do see it coming to a close in the near future. But this is what has worked for us.

Ok, back to the room. The changing table is the only thing that didn't move because as I said it weighs a ton! And I liked it where it was. The dresser moved to where the recliner was and with the toy box and dresser moved we had a nice big spot for the bed. I also moved an old stool that was David's dad's next to the bed to act as a nightstand.

Here's some before moving furniture pics. This is moving around the room.

Ok, now for the messy in progress pics.

Like I said these are messy and not even good quality pics, sorry about that. As well as moving all the furniture I took almost everything off the walls.

The black shelves needed to go. I am so past black and the shape didn't fit with what I want this room to look like. I want a bit more of a modern look, granted the dresser and shape of the bed don't reflect that but I use what I have on big stuff. Basically all dark decor is going or getting changed. And I'm moving the stuff around on the walls. But that's for my next post.

I also need more bedding in here but I'm working on that slowly, especially since we aren't in a hurry. I'll be making a bed skirt and duvet cover, but need to find the duvet/comforter! I also added an old chair to his room and it needs a makeover as well.

I also really cleaned out his closet. We are very lucky that our home has large closets, small bedrooms but large closets. Up to this point I've stored all Trey's old clothes in tubs in his closet and it's worked and we've had room to do so. But I was going to need to move some with his 4T clothes needing to be store. So when we got the bed I was able to move almost all of the tubs under the bed.

I also went back through all those tubs to make sure I was only keeping stuff I liked, cause some lids weren't closing. Anyway, after the tubs were moved there was a ton of extra space in the closet.
Here's some before and afters.

Love a newly organized space! I'm now able to use some of this space to store my decor stuff. I also have a bin to put Trey's next size/season clothes in.

So really this post is just to say, I've made changes and I have more to come! Hopefully next week I'll show the walls, some bedding, the chair and some small things that I'm working on right now.

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