Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mountain Painting

So, about a week before Christmas we were the happy new owners of a beautiful new mountain painting. If you remember I had our beach painting painted by my sweet friend Chelsea. We loved it so much that I asked her if she'd do another one for us, this time of a mountain scape.

I love beach scenes and David loves mountain ones. I was in need of something on one of the walls in our kitchen. It's awkward, because there is a lot of wall space but you couldn't put too much there without it feeling super crowded. I've tried a few things there over the years but nothing was working. So I asked Chelsea if she'd work her magic for us again and do a mountain scene for David.

She finished it right before Christmas and it looks awesome! David LOVES it and it works perfectly in its new spot. It's right across from the chalkboard.

In the pics it looks small on that wall, but in person it doesn't look small. So what do you think? Did Chelsea do an awesome job?!

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