Monday, July 25, 2011

Cord Cover Solution

For a long time I've been wanting to cover the cords connecting the TV to the componets in the master bedroom. The TV is hung on the wall and so the black cords stuck out against the light colored walls. At first I thought I'd just ignore them but that doesn't work for me so well. After talking to David about some options he came up with this one.
First a before of the ugly wires.

I wanted something to hide the cords and would blend into the wall as much as possible and it still needed to be easily accessable should something need to well accessed. David came up with the idea to use a PVC plumbing pipe, cut it in half lengthwise and screw it to the wall.

So we picked one up for a few dollars at Lowe's and then took it to my dad to have him cut it for us. Then it sat in the garage for a few months. I needed some paint and just kept putting it off. Finally I picked up a sample size of my wall color and decided it was time to get it done!
The pipe had writing on it so I just sanded it till the ink came off. I didn't want it bleeding through or have to put a million coats of paint on it to make it disappear.
Then painted it with a foam brush. Which took about 2 minutes and since it's a hundred and fifty degrees here it dried super fast.
After it had about 2 coats on it, it was David's turn.
He started by drilling a hole in the wall for a molly.
Then he drilled a hole in the pipe to corespond with the hole in the wall. I'm not sure how he figured this, but I think he just loosely measured it with his hand.

Then he fit it over the cords, tucking everyone in and screwing the pipe to the wall.
This is before I touched up the screw with some paint.

Here are the afters. Yes you still see it but it's no where near as noticable as black cords. This looks so much neater (which I'm always a fan of!) and from across the room it blends in pretty well. I love it!!!

I'm also currently working on a few things in the bedroom. Let's just say that after living with the "after" for a few months I'm not happy with it. As I finish them I'll share. But for now, I'm happy with not seeing cords!

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  1. I'm working on this right now, but with a cardboard tube! :)


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