Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Skirts-WIWW #8

With some of my birthday money I bought some fabric with intentions of making some skirts. Last week I spent some time doing just that!

Just like with this skirt a month ago I used my own pattern to make it. I took a skirt that I already had and used it as a template to make a paper pattern (out of a paper bag). So I used that again for these 2 skirts. The white skirt fabric was a bit see through so I used a similar fabric to make a liner skirt to keep people from seeing too much! :)
They are by no means perfect but I love how they turned out and they are for me and I'm pretty proud of myself!

Ok here they are.
Love this fabric!
And the second one.
And the 2 layers.

Comments make me Happy!

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  1. Good job! They are very cute and summery! :)


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