Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dinning room curtains

Ok, these took me longer than I expected them to take me! They weren't hard to do, very straightforward sewing but since these were curtains and long ones there was just a lot of fabric to deal with. And it helps when you pay attention to what you are doing!

Anyway, here's the fabric I used.
I mentioned that the striped fabric wasn't wide enough to make each curtain panel. I needed 55"+ and the fabric was only 43". So I found this coordinating fabric.

This is the length of the 5 yards I ordered. The living room had the most floor space so I could measure and cut.

The tan fabric I only bought 2 1/2 yards (half of 5yds) and I cut it down the length of it. I sewed the tan pieced onto the stripped running lengthwise. Sewed hems on all 4 sides of each panel. That's lots of ironing of the hems down and then sewing them down. I wanted the tan to be on the outer sides of the panels so when they were open you didn't notice them very much. I wanted the striped fabric to be seen the most.

After doing all but the last bottom hem (you sew a little hem and then a bigger finished hem) I threw them in the wash. I wanted them to be clean smelling and shrunk. Then more ironing of the whole curtain panels I hung them up and measured where I wanted them to fall.  Then back to the ironing board and sewing machine and finally finished! Like I said not hard but time consuming!

Here's the finished curtains.

I love them! They make the room feel so much lighter, not heavy and they let in more light when I close them at night (no peeping toms at our house!). The clip rings are great too, this is the first time I've used these and they move really well. I'm very pleased with them and how they fit into the room!

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