Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Long Weekend

Yesterday was my birthday so I had a long weekend of celebrating with friends and family. I went out to eat a few times at nice places, you know not Chili's! I got to see a movie, Green Lantern. I got to go shopping and I got to hang out and relax. I had a great weekend.

I wanted to show off something I got this weekend with some birthday money.
I went by Joann's to look at fabric and found a bunch that I needed to bring home. The top pile is for playing with and to have on hand. The bottom pile is for specific projects which I'll share as they are done. I really put the guy cutting fabric through his paces with this pile! I think the people behind me in line hated me!

I'm excited to get sewing and play with my new fabric! I'm going to be doing some looking around online for some fun projects! Happy Birthday to me!

On another note, I have some more projects to show off soon and I'm going to start a vitamin and mineral series as well. More on that one sometime this week.

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  1. Cute! They are putting a Joanne's in Sooner Mall and I'm so excited. I'm hoping they will have cuter stuff than Hancock's.


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