Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My New Desk

So I told you about my Goodwill trip where I found the framed painting. Well, on that trip I also went looking at the furniture.

I love furniture! I even have a few pieces in our storage shed because I love them but don't have room in our current house. I love to get banged up pieces and make them beautiful again! I love it!

So, in looking in the furniture department I found an old wooden desk. I was talking to David on the phone when I spotted it and I said something about loving it and that I was wanting to get a new desk. Then I paid for my stuff and left.

That was a Friday, then Monday David says he wants to go look at Goodwill. That's not unusual, when I go without him and find some stuff, he usually wants to go and look too. We couldn't go Monday for some reason so we went Tuesday night. After looking around for a while he asks where the desk is that I liked. So I showed him and he asked if I wanted it. He wanted to get it for me as an early birthday present.

I said yes so he went to find the manager to talk price. Turns out it was half off that week. We brought that baby home for $35! WOO-HOO!!!

I have been feeling the need to change my desk situation since Christmas. I've changed the way I scrapbook so what was once a mainly scrapbook desk set-up was turning into a sewing, crafty, scrapbook set-up. So it just wasn't working. It looked cluttered all the time which drove me crazy! And it just didn't have very much surface room considering how much space it took up.

Here's my before pics of the desk set-up.

The desk itself didn't have any storage so I had to keep adding when I needed to and it ended up looking cluttered to me.
Here's my new desk.

It's hard to see in the pics but the desk has 3 drawers on the left and 2 on the right and both sides have a little pull out surface which gives me even more usable space. The desk is very beefy and took both David and our good friend "Mr. K" and taking the legs off and the drawers out. I think I can use it as a tornado shelter!

It is in need of some love. The top has scratches and it just looks tired. I'd like to paint it and change out the hardware but not right now. For now I'm going to live with it and see what inspires me.

Because of the storage in the desk it looks WAY less cluttered to me. I had to keep the little white cabinet but I hope to replace it someday with a kitchen base cabinet with doors and more storage. But it works for now. If I can keep Trey out of the lazy susan thingy!

I wanted some brighter colors in the area so I went through my stash of scrapbook papers and pulled out some that I just loved and hung them up. A little bit of summer and inspiration! I love it and plan to enjoy it!

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