Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clear Face?!

I've battled breakouts most of my life (you can read more here). The last several months I've been working on several things to try to stop them or figure out what's causing them. I've only recently realized that I have sensitive skin and that was a break through for me.

Here's some things I've learned

Skin products contribute. I used to try all kinds of products in hopes to clear my face. However I've learned that fragrances and the chemicals in those products could be contributing to my breakouts. I also learned that my skin isn't oily but dry. So I was treating the symptom not the problem.

Foods I was eating. When I went off sugar I saw a decrease in breakouts. Now I do eat some sugar but it's very little now. I also changed from 2% milk to raw milk. Since most milk sold in stores has hormones in it and pasteurized it makes sense to conclude that extra hormones in my body was contributing (ever hear of puberty!). I also started eating more fresh produce which was adding more vitamins in my body. Carrots especially for the vitamin A.

Vitamins. I'd been taking a good plant based multi-vitamin for a long time and some Vitamin B12 and C. I upped each dosage and added in some omega-3 pills as well.

So I first took out sugar, then changed the way I cleaned my face, then added healthy foods to my diet and vitamins. And lastly I changed my milk. This combo for me is working. My breakouts have decrease to almost none, my skin is so soft and smooth and it looks healthier.

I'm no expert on this, but I've done a lot of trial and error. Personally I think the biggest contributor was the milk. I saw the most change within 2 weeks of drinking raw. But the combo of all of these seem to be my golden ticket!

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  1. I was a habitual exfoliater until i busted my chin open and got a huge scratch on my face in April. Obviously I couldn't exfoliate with stitches and a giant scab. I only used Toms soap on my face for that week and I noticed a dramatic difference for the better. I've tried everything (mostly for oily and acne prone skin) but now I've realized that the less I use the better my face is. And I think the exfoliating everyday was just causing constant irritation which led to more acne.

  2. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Come over to my blog and pick it up @ http://thecrunchymamacita.blogspot.com/2011/06/my-first-blog-award.html

    Paige :)


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